View Full Version : My Odd thoughts from the game last night

04-09-2005, 09:09 AM
Took the whole family last night. Mrs. G and Geezerette saw their 1st ever Pacer game. They don't like watching on TV but were excited to watch a live game. They really really wanted to see Reggie hit a 3 before he retired so I got Tix from a gal at work. They weren't disappointed...what, 3 of them they saw?

Comments from the family:

Geezer Jr who wanted Reggie to take every shot...."Well the ball goes into Jackson and like always, he takes EVERY shot!" I shocked my self by defending Jax...somebody has to take the shot, if he's got the ball, why not?

Geezer Jr. on the Pacemates....I like watching them, they're good dancers (right and I just read the articles)

Mrs. G...Who's that big goofy looking white kid...he looks lost out there. (That would be Edwards, he's a rookie) Oh? He won't be with the team long will he?

Mrs. G (again) Wow, they really try to make this fun!! There's something going on all the time...NO WAY to get bored out here!! (dang now she's gonna wanna come with me all the time)

Geezerette: I don't like that big guy from Washington, his hair's prettier than mine. (Yeah, she honestly said that).

How many times did Eddie Gill fall down while dribbling the ball last night? Twice on the same play.

Dang! Is that the same AJ I saw earlier in the season???? Now if Eddie Gill could make that much progress we'd have a heckuva backcourt. So, all these guys getting all these minutes....what 's gonna happen with them next year? They have had big minutes and good games...are they going to be satisfied going back to the bench?

Freddie...no lift last night. Still feeling bad?...no hops. And Jax was really hobbling around out there during Q4.

I just KNEW Reggie was gonna miss that 1st freethrow last night...sorry dude.

I was sooooo happy to finally see DD out there. This was my first game since he came back.

Oh and PB77....I sat behind you and to your left (section 112).