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Will Galen
04-07-2005, 04:20 PM
I don't think we are going to finish 6th in the east. Since Washington is dropping I think we are going to finish either 4th or 5th, either right ahead of Chicago, or right behind them. Either way we would be playing Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. I think home-court in that series could possibly be decided on the last day of the season April 20 when Chicago visits Conseco.

We beat them Nov. 6 at Conseco 100-90. The next two games were played at Chicago and were both loses. December 18, we lost 85-71, and March 26, we lost 100-96. That means if we beat them on April 20, we will be tied at 2 games apiece.

These are the tie breakers.

Two-Team Tiebreaker
1. Better record in head-to-head games. If we win on April 20 we will be tied.
2. Higher winning percentage in conference games. Currently Chicago has a 27-17 record while we are 25-19.
3. Higher winning percentage within division (if teams are in the same division) We are, and if we have the same record we will be tied here too.
4. Higher winning percentage against playoff teams in own conference. To be decided.
5. Higher winning percentage against playoff teams in opposite conference. To be decided.
6. Higher point differential between points scored and points allowed. Chicago is 94.1-93.7, a .4 + average. The Pacers are at 93.2-92.5, a .7+ average. So the Pacers own this tie breaker as of now.

What all this amounts to in a nutshell is if we are one game behind going into the last game of the season and win, #4 would be the likely tiebreaker.

Finishing 4th or 5th also means the Miami Heat and Shaq would be the likely foe in the 2nd round. (Providing we and the Heat win our respective series of course) Miami isn't a forgone conclusion in my book because if the Nets somehow beat out Cleveland or Philly for the 8th sport they could be Miami's opponent. The last I heard Richard Jefferson was trying to make it back for the playoffs. He might be to rusty to help the Nets but his presence alone might give them the needed push to upset Miami.

UGH! Then we would have to deal with the Nets and their trio of stars. I don't like that thought!

The point being if we somehow got though the 2nd round it would likely be another Indiana-Detroit conference finals.

The old Pacers team that this reminds us of had Rik Smits. JO would be a nice upgrade at that position if we could bring him in and keep the same offensive fluidity flowing.

Excellent thought! I didn't vocalize it on here, but this is why I haven't given up on this season. I also think it's exactly what the coaching staff will do. It will be easier on JO too.

Another thought about this; If JO comes back in the first round he's going to give the team a big lift. Say we get Tins back in the 2ed round he could also give us a big lift.

In the other conference it looks like maybe 4 teams have a chance at the championship. If Duncan is healthy for the playoffs San Antonio has to be the favorite, but he has to be healthy. If he's not, Phoenix, Dallas, and long shot Houston have a chance. I would add Minnesota, but I don't think they are going to make it. They are playing good right now, but it looks like a case of to little to late. They have 7 games to go and they are 3 behind Memphis and 4 behind Denver. (Both Denver and Memphis have 8 games left.) Since Memphis has the tie breaker between them, Minnesota is actually 4 games behind both. One of their remaining game is against Denver, but the way Denver is player under George Karl I don't see a collapse.

Reggie has hit 60 foul shots in a row and can tie the record he set last month with another. He is currently leading the NBA with a .936 percentage. Earl Boykins is 2nd with a .924. Lets hope Reggie finishes out the season without missing, however he could miss two and still be at .927 and finish first. Austin Croshere is 9th at .884. Both Cro and Reg have hit the same amount of foul shots, (206) but Cro has taken and missed 13 more. Fred Jones is 30th at .849, and Stephen Jackson is 42nd at .827.

Another Reggie stat. With eight games to play, Miller needs 17 3-pt FGS to reach 100 for the 16th consecutive season.

And did you know Reggie has hit 1,722 more foul shots than Larry Bird took in his career?

Will Galen
04-08-2005, 12:53 AM
Here's another stat I just found that's interesting.

Chicago, Phoenix, Denver and Golden State are all 9-1 over their last ten games. I can't ever remember four teams being that hot at the same time.

Interestingly there's also 3 teams that are 1-9 over their last ten games. The Laker's, Portland, and Milwaukee. The Laker's are playing right now so that could change.