View Full Version : OT: Denny Crum

04-06-2005, 10:13 PM
I play in alot of Poker tournaments and today 4/6/05 I was playing in a No Limit Holdem tourn. at Ceasars Riverboat in New Albany. The first 2 hours I had the opportunity to sit next to Denny Crum in the tourn. (he plays well) everyone at the table was trying to talk him into taking the IU job next year be cause we were sure Mike davis would be gone. There was some really funny moments. He stated "me and Joe B Hall were talking about being co-coaches there next year" (they have a radio show together in Kentucky that is really popular) another guy told him that IU fans would never allow Joe B Hall in the IU auditorium. There were some comments about having a telethon to raise money to buy out Mikes contract. Coach Crum actually said that next year they wouldn't need a good coach for the players they're going to have.