View Full Version : 10-Day Contracts?

03-16-2005, 03:05 PM
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In the wake of yet another injured starter lost for the season, the Indiana Pacers, in an unprecedented move, have signed Bob Netolicky, Mark Jackson, and Sam Mitchell to 10-day contracts.
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“Opening up the IL to 6 players made this type of transaction possible”, Donnie Walsh said, referring to a late night powwow with commissioner david stern.

“It was the least I could do, since I haven’t yet reinstated Ron Artest,” said stern, “I wanted to give the team some hope.”

Reggie Miller said it would be great playing with those guys again, even though his memory must be fading since he never played with Neto. Neto remembers him as “that skinny little kid with the big ears. I’m glad I retired; I sure as hell wasn’t going to set picks for that guy.”

Mark Jackson has a conflict for the upcoming Heat game since he is also scheduled to be guest analyst for ESPN. “I can just do the analysis at halftime in my uniform,” said Jax, “Another possibility might be to tape a wireless mike to my jock.”

And another potential conflict arises later in the month when the Pacers take on Toronto. “I’ve told them I expect them to honor my coaching contract,” said Mitchell, “I don’t really think there will be a conflict of interest. I always give my best and I’d just like to show my players how to give 100% team effort.”

Apparently Rik Smits was too busy motocrossing to sign a contract and Herb Williams decided three head coaches for the Pacers was two too many. Steve Stipanovich’s calls to the Pacers office were not returned.