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03-10-2005, 04:27 AM
I know this is a Pacers board and this is not directly Pacers related but I wanted to post what happened tonight....so I go to LA Fitness because I always go there to play basketball and I went with two of my friends. So I got there a little before 10 (1 am your time) and was there tell about 11:30 because of the fight that happened. I played ok....made a three and some shots and really good defense....but anyway to the games....I had my #91 Artest jersey with my Pacer shorts and headbands and armbands I have (not the player used ones I have) but the ones I get from Champs which are the same type the Pacers use....and everytime I go play, there is this guy who is 6'3 and is pretty big...this white guy and he always talks ***** not just to me but to everyone and he is the biggest pu$$y and calls weak fouls every god damn time. So the score is like 12-10 them, it is tell 15....and this guy I am talking about goes for a layup and I hit his arm and foul him, not even a hard foul! I foul people way harder not to give easy layups and they don't say *****. He starts to cuss and **** and i'm like take the ball up it was a foul...and i'm 5'9 160 lbs....kinda skinny....nothing like him but I don't give a F$@% who is who I stand up for my ***** no matter what. He then grabs my Artest jersey and pulls it and says "Don't Artest me, this isn't the NBA"...i'm like wtf is he saying and I tell him what a F!$%&# he is and how everyone who plays there know he is one because all of my friends who go there (not only the ones I was with) have problems with him and know what kind of a pu@%& he is. Then my friend who is like 5'7 gets to his face and he shoves him and is like "what are you going to do" and my friend Earl spits on his face and the guy grabs him and takes him from one end to the court to the next where the glass windows are. Then my friend Zak comes and starts hitting him....and then I start to run towards him and no one is in a lock and all 3 of us start running towards him while everyone else on the court is watching....and then my friend Zak gets him in a lock and starts trying to hit him and I come and get 2-3 hits in the face and he slightly gets me in the mouth and I cut my lip open slightly... and then I come back and get 2 more punches in his head...it was a beautiful thing. Then the game got messed up and we are leaving and he starts to continue to talk ***** but no one is going to fight...and I tell him what a F!$ he is and he's like "You're a fanatic" because of all the gear I have on all the time when I play ball, i'm like "so, you're a f@$" and everyone here knows that" and I called him that prob. 10 times and trust me, for his size being 6'3 and being pretty big and being the biggest pu##% on the court he certainly deserved what he got and all I got to say is I wasn't even with my friends who are straight out big as hell and this guy got punked....especially by Earl who with his size is the truest homie and doesn't give a f#%& what happens to him...i'll straight up go to the hospital for these boys and anyways that is what happened tonight....just remember "We Ride Together Baby" is not a bad slogan at all.

03-10-2005, 05:17 AM
A little edit to what happened

but he didnt take me from one end of the court to another i just remembered
: remember we started on the left side
then he started running away
: he ran towards the other side
: and then i chased him
and tried to tackle him
: thats how we ended o\up on the other side
when i put my head down to tackle i ended up hitting the wall
: thats what i thought too
but i forgot about me chasing him
remember? ask zak becuase he was talking about the scared look on his face when he was running away

tora tora
03-10-2005, 05:58 AM

flying dutchman
03-10-2005, 06:04 AM
eh well, that's interesting....................................... ...............NOT!

03-10-2005, 06:31 AM
sometimes you gotta buss a lil head...tat-tat

03-10-2005, 08:51 AM
You pulled of a "artest" on him afterall :D... but i think its wrong to fight, you should fight only to defend yourself, you should not be the first one to punch... you should fought him with your brain, not your fists

03-10-2005, 12:01 PM
yea people are still on that bs...I had a guy wanting to fight me at the magic game. He's like "Oh so you want to fight now? Typical Indiana fan"
buncha bs 2...

03-10-2005, 12:32 PM
You pulled of a "artest" on him afterall :D... but i think its wrong to fight, you should fight only to defend yourself, you should not be the first one to punch... you should fought him with your brain, not your fists

He was the one to start it so we did absolutely nothing wrong. He's a punk that always starts ***** so what we did was defend ourselves. He attacked my friend for god's sake and after he grabbed my jersey...all bets were off.