View Full Version : To all the ref haters....

03-09-2005, 04:33 AM
which includes myself!, tonights Utah comeback wasn't given to them by the refs. Having the luxury of knowing who won and the sanity that brings when watching the game, I have to say that our team let Utah back in the game.

Our offense turned into one on one stuff which leaves four people standing around watching and WAY OUT of position for a rebound so we got very few second opportunities in the 2nd half.

Our defensive rebounding was horrible in the 2nd half and gave too many second opportunities to UTAH.

Out teams poor play led to the comeback and our teams excellent play down the stretch won the game.

Usually, I'm with you on the refs but tonight with the sanity of knowing who won, the refs didn't really give Utah too much.

The lesson is, teamwork and continued ball movement will keep or expand the lead versus going to one on one **** and letting the other team back in it.