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  1. To the Pats fans; Colts or Chargers?
  2. Champs No More
  3. Should the Colts make the playoffs next season,
  4. Harrison says he'll be fine for next year.
  5. What needs to be addressed?
  6. Randy Moss hit with restraining order
  7. Report: Dungy to step down, Caldwell to take over
  8. Everything You Wanted To Know About New Colts WR Courtney Roby (but were afraid to ask)
  9. Colts open to finding a new camp site.
  10. And they're going to overtime...
  11. What a disappointing Super Bowl
  12. Indianapolis Colts to have press conference at 4:30 PM concerning coach Tony Dungy's future with team.
  13. Tony Dungy is Staying.
  14. Brady's spotted in a Cast!!!
  15. Kravitz struggling to understand Dungy's decision.
  16. Bethea to Pro Bowl
  17. Stuff like this is why people don't like Belichick
  18. Worker injured at Lucas Oil Stadium.
  19. Hitler was a Cowboys Fan
  20. Attention Indy fans!
  21. even the crankiest hater has to admit that this is a good story
  22. Redskins to give Meeks a second interview
  23. Lucas Oil Stadium construction problems?
  24. Warrick Dunn as the new #2 RB?
  25. Report says Patriots taped St. Louis before SB 36
  26. For the Brits on here
  27. GIANTS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. This Super Bowl has me more convinced than ever (Re: Colts)
  29. Is it all downhill from here for the Pats?
  30. Time To Look Ahead? SB XLIII
  31. The only bad thing about the Pats losing...
  32. punch to the gut losses as a sports fan- this was a solid #2
  33. Offseason changes
  34. Bill Simmons-Page 2-'Free fallin' out into nothing'
  35. Patriots might have violated Federal law with cheating
  36. This should help the public perception of the Patriots.....
  37. Patriots' Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation
  38. Commish Considers Playoff Shakeup
  39. return of edge?
  40. The Best "Pats are losers" images from across the web.
  41. Pat's Fans Petition NFL to Review End of SB
  42. I wonder if he could get a refund...
  43. If Tom Brady and Eli Manning were bikers...
  44. Simmons: The Super Bowl XLII mailbag
  45. Super Bowl XLII in 60 seconds
  46. Colts to play against 'Skins in HOF game
  47. Marty Booker anyone?
  48. How did this go under the radar?
  49. 2008 NFL Off-season
  50. You Cheated! (set to Michael Jackson's Beat It!)
  51. Harrison, Sanders, Freeney could miss start of Colts camp
  52. Falcons cut Crumpler
  53. APNewsNow: Lawsuit seeks compensation for Super Bowl loss
  54. Belichick denies taping before 2002 Super Bowl
  55. Colts franchise tag Clark
  56. Edgerrin James
  57. Clark signs 6-year contract with Colts
  58. Dungy on Pats taping scandal
  59. Eagles after Reggie?
  60. New England Releases Rosevelt Colvin
  61. New England RB Faulk Cited for Marijuana Possession
  62. Colts release Booger
  63. Eagles sign Samuel to 6 year contract
  64. Colts biggest free agent needs?
  65. Source: Moss,Pats closing in on deal
  66. Jets Get Woody
  67. Colts bidding on DE Tyler Brayton
  68. Reports: QB Brett Favre will retire after 17 seasons with Packers (AP via Yahoo)
  69. Hagler or New Blood to replace Morris
  70. Do we need another playmaking receiver?
  71. Best Place for Training Camp
  72. Brayton chooses Panthers/Two former Colts thinking of joining The Titans
  73. Manning's fame has spread to the Soaps
  74. Moss not a Pat YET!!
  75. Walsh closing in on deal to discuss "spygate"
  76. Jake Scott gets sent down to Junior Varsity
  77. Georgia DE-OLB Marcus Howard
  78. Utecht signs offer sheet with Bengals
  79. Klecko Joins Eagles As Fullback
  80. If Brohm drops to Round 2, should the Colts pounce?
  81. Colt Draft?
  82. Boiman joining Klecko in Philly
  83. Chad Johnson
  84. Design the new Colts secondary logo
  85. James Banks
  86. Colts Season opener is....
  87. Clinton Supporter: Obama will win (YES THIS IS COLTS RELATED, CLICK)
  88. Belichick, Kraft appologize for Spygate in front of NFL Owners and Coaches
  89. Jacksonville Jags = Trouble
  90. End near for wideout Harrison in Indy?
  91. Colts schedule out
  92. What Colts players will step up this year?
  93. Chad Johnson demands trade
  94. 2008 NFL Draft thread - 4/26/08
  95. Police Arrest Colts Running Back Outside Nightclub
  96. Cincy refuses Redskins offer for Cinco Ocho
  97. Sources: Seahawks release former league MVP Alexander
  98. DE Jared Allen traded to Vikings
  99. Patriots still seeking to trademark the phrase "19-0"
  100. NFL, ex-Pats video assistant Walsh finally agree to Spygate meeting
  101. The Indianapolis Colts have the most satisfied fans among all NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams
  102. Sources: Cowboys agree on deal to acquire Pacman from Titans
  103. Dominic Rhodes Released
  104. undrafted free agent sigings
  105. Breaking: Marvin Harrison involved in shooting.
  106. Dominic Rhodes rejoins Colts backfield
  107. So spygate ends in a wimper, not a roar
  108. The Ravens brawl at Minicamp
  109. Ka-ching the Patriots score runner up bling
  110. Bears sign kicker Gould to 5 year extension
  111. Undrafted Free Agent DT Eric Foster
  112. Indianapolis awarded 2012 Super Bowl
  113. Indianapolis Super Bowl Bid Video
  114. Erasmus James
  115. Gijon Robinson
  116. Check this out, funny video
  117. Polian interview with Football Outsiders
  118. I hate New England even more
  119. Bob Sanders on TV
  120. Raheem Brock Interview for Blitz Magazine
  121. This is probably a stupid question but..
  122. Oh unhappy day...
  123. An early look at the AFC South
  124. Colts Madden 09 Ratings
  125. CBS now in HD For Indy DirecTV customers!
  126. Polian to guest host Kravitz & Eddie 6/12/08
  127. Roy Hall, Samuel Giguere impressing
  128. Colvin to the Texans
  129. Colts quietly stockpile talent in draft
  130. Who ended up getting preseason tickets?
  131. The Hits Just Keep on Comin' (Colts Injury)
  132. Want another Center?
  133. Tony Dungy writes a book for kids
  134. Jacksonville Jaguar Matt Jones faces felony drug charge
  135. Travis Henry test positive again
  136. Report: Favre formally asks for release.
  137. Who's interested in a PD fantasy football league?
  138. Free Lucas Oil Stadium tour tix available Monday July 14th
  139. ESPN: Rating refs touchy subject for NFL coaches
  140. Ex-NFLer Sikahema KOs Canseco in celebrity bout
  141. Manning out 6 weeks after surgery
  142. Jim Irsay's mother dies at age 87
  143. Colts: Manning will be ready for opener
  144. Dungy sides with Packers over Favre
  145. Tony Dungy tops bestseller list- again
  146. Redskins get Jason Taylor from Dolphins
  147. Federal appeals court throws out CBS fine for wardrobe malfunction
  148. Dark Horses
  149. Colts, city team up to pair jobs with ex-offenders
  150. No Draft Choices Signed to Colts
  151. Cards ticket plan aims to keep Cowboys fans out
  152. Harrison expected at Colts training camp
  153. Report: Packers have Favre's phone records
  154. Tony Dungy to appear on "On the Record" tonight
  155. QB Situation INDY
  156. Packers plan to delay the retirement of Favre's jersey
  157. A-11 Offense, The new spread
  158. 1st day back at Colts camp report
  159. Is getting Brett Favre worth a 1st round pick?
  160. Pitcock
  161. NFL Live to visit Colts Training Camp on July 28th
  162. Yahoo Fantasy Football 1 spot left! LIVE DRAFT. 75% Colts fans.
  163. Chris Carter In, Emmitt Smith out of Sunday NFL Countdown
  164. Seeking advice about the Lucas Oil Stadium tours...
  165. Bill Belichick sex tape and other Patriot tidbits(take with grain of salt)
  166. Colts Entertaining Idea of Re-Signing Morris
  167. Favre reinstated in the NFL
  168. Indianapolis at Washington NFL Hall of Fame Game 8/3/08
  169. Monk > Carter
  170. Schweigart Released by 'Skins
  171. Favre to Tampa Bay
  172. Another fantasy football league..
  173. Favre Traded to New York Jets
  174. Jason David...yikes
  175. FF Help (re-directed from Pacers board)
  176. My pics from camp!
  177. Dolphins sign Chad Pennington to a 2 year deal
  178. Harrison should start tonight
  179. Indianapolis at Carolina Game thread 8/9/08
  180. The Office scores the post Super Bowl slot
  181. Jared Lorenzen Should be Our Starter
  182. Mike Vanderjagt - A Toronto Argonaut
  183. Bruce Springsteen to play in the Super Bowl halftime show
  184. Chad Johnson wants to legally change his last name to "Ocho Cinco"
  185. The latest Bang Cartoon
  186. Tom Coughlin works with FBI to nail blackmailer
  187. Lucas Oil Stadium Open House Tour
  188. Hey PCF
  189. Indianapolis at Atlanta Game thread 8/16/08
  190. Its official Kyle Orton is the opening day starter for the Bears
  191. Tom Brady lashes out at NFL Network crew for comments about Matt Cassel
  192. Harrison PO'd at Star
  193. NFL players' union chief Gene Upshaw dies at 63
  194. How can I learn more about football?
  195. Buffalo at Indianapolis Sunday Night Football 8/24/08
  196. Peyton Will Practice Tomorrow
  197. The Mannings vs Williams DSRL commercial
  198. duke dynamite's photos from the the Colts - Bills game.
  199. Bears or Pats?
  200. Robert Mathis
  201. Jeff Saturday to miss at least 6 weeks.
  202. Adam Jones Reinstated
  203. Cincinnati at Indianapolis - Game thread - 8/28/08
  204. Colts ?
  205. Colts announce roster Moves
  206. Jags player in critical condition.
  207. Get your water! Practice Squad coming!
  208. Washington at New York Giants NFL Kickoff Special 9/4/08
  209. Guess The Score: Chicago at Indianapolis
  210. Notable Afternoon NFL Games Week One 9/7/08
  211. Chicago at Indianapolis - Sunday Night Football - 9/7/08
  212. Tom Brady out for the season
  213. Minnesota at Green Bay Monday Night Football 9/8/08
  214. Denver at Oakland Monday Night Football 9/8/08
  215. Vince Young is he done with Football?
  216. Colts tackle Ed Johnson busted in pot possession case
  217. Forbes.com article about Jim Irsay.
  218. New Bang Cartoon about the Patriots
  219. Guess the score: Indianapolis at Minnesota
  220. Indianapolis at Minnesota Game thread 9/14/08
  221. Notable Afternoon NFL Games Week Two 9/14/08
  222. Pittsburgh at Cleveland Sunday Night Football 9/14/08
  223. Courtney Roby
  224. Philadelphia at Dallas Monday Night Football 9/15/08
  225. Good Indpls. Monthly Article on Manning
  226. Colts safety Bob Sanders could be out 6 weeks
  227. Numbskull of the Day: Joey Porter
  228. Guess the score: Jacksonville at Indianapolis
  229. Notable Afternoon NFL Games Week Three - 9/21/08
  230. Jacksonville at Indianapolis Game thread 9/21/08
  231. Dallas at Green Bay Sunday Night Football 9/21/08
  232. New York Jets at San Diego – Monday Night Football – 9/22/08
  233. "Friday Night Lights": Even Peyton is a fan
  234. Colts sign another QB?
  235. The Niners to retire Steve Young's jersey during Pats/Niners game
  236. Guess the score Colts vs the bye!
  237. Question for the couple of DC natives on this board...
  238. Notable Afternoon NFL Games Week Four 9/28/08
  239. Philadelphia at Chicago Sunday Night Football 9/28/08
  240. Baltimore at Pittsburgh Monday Night Football 9/29/08
  241. Travis Henry is officially too much
  242. Florio at PFT calls out Bill Polian for his continued complaining
  243. Guess the score: Indianapolis at Houston
  244. Brighthouse and Channel 8 and Colts game
  245. Notable Afternoon NFL Games Week Five 10/5/08
  246. Indianapolis at Houston Game thread 10/5/08
  247. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville Sunday Night Football 10/5/08
  248. Random NFL Thoughts: The Official Thread
  249. Minnesota at New Orleans - Monday Night Football - 10/6/08
  250. Guess the score: Baltimore at Indianapolis