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  1. Johnny Football Declares
  2. A Steelers fan in prison files suit to bar the Chargers from playing on Sunday
  3. Polian wanted to keep Manning and draft Luck
  4. Skip Bayless is at it again, now has Luck in his crosshairs
  5. Robert Mathis deserves MVP consideration
  6. 2014 offseason thread
  7. Indianapolis Colts off-season thread
  8. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now
  9. Bud Light has Colts and Saints playing for their conference championships
  10. Ken Whisenhunt to coach the Titans
  11. Andrew, I had the same look on my face concerning that play call.
  12. Pep Hamilton a candidate for Vanderbilt job
  13. Minnesota Vikings to hire Mike Zimmer as head coach
  14. Oh brother...
  15. CBS discussing potentially major changes to NFL pregame show
  16. Ryan Grigson: We don't win 12 games without Trent Richardson
  17. Geno Smith was escorted from plane by LAX cops
  18. Kellen Winslow Jr .............. SMH
  19. NFLN's Darren Sharper arrested for suspicion of rape and suspended without pay
  20. Eagles Fan Spits On Saints Fan Moments After Losing
  21. Guess the Score Pats-Denver
  22. Roger Goodell: NFL will explore eliminating the extra point
  23. Peyton Manning was the #1 pick because Ryan Leaf sabotaged the process
  24. Scott Pioli joins Falcons as Assistant GM
  25. Browns hire Mike Pettine as head coach
  26. NEW - "MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL
  27. Richard Sherman fined $7875 for taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct
  28. Prices plummet for SB tickets
  29. Marvin Harrison Indy Star interview
  30. Gary Kubiak new offensive coordinator for the Ravens
  31. NY Giants co-owner wants NY to be a Super Bowl Regular
  32. Mike Ditka thinks NY Super Bowl is stupid
  33. Tim Tebow to co-host Good Morning America on Friday
  34. NBC to air Tony Dungy's interview with Jonathan Martin
  35. Peyton Manning's legacy if Denver wins SB XLVIII
  36. Colin Kaepernick unloads on Richard Sherman
  37. NY Post:Giants passed fake ‘game-worn’ gear to fans so Eli could keep real items: lawsuit
  38. Browns to hire Kyle Shanahan as Offensive Coordinator
  39. Doctor predicts Brady, Patriots win Super Bowl
  40. 2014 NFL Hall of Fame Class
  41. Peyton earns 49 of 50 MVP votes
  42. Kirk Cousins open to being traded
  43. Fans collapse at overcrowded station in NJ
  44. Super Bowl Thread
  45. 2014 NFL offseason thread
  46. Peyton Manning once again shows how great he really is
  47. Frank Caliendo 30 for 30 Mockumentary
  48. Colts need to take advantage of next 3 years.
  49. CBS announces new NFL Thursday Night Football
  50. Tony Gonzalez not closing the door on a return at some point in 2014
  51. Colts hire Rob Chudzinski as special assistant to the head coach
  52. ESPN: Michael Sam of Missouri Tigers Says He's Gay
  53. Redskins hire Doug Williams
  54. Adam Vinateri thinks field goals over 50 yards should be worth 4 points instead of 3.
  55. Jimmy Graham Tagged as WR versus TE
  56. Wells report: Richie Incognito, John Jerry, Pouncey harassed Martin
  57. Ravens RB Ray Rice and fiancee arrested after incident in Atlantic City
  58. Michael Vick and Bow Wow are business partners
  59. Roddy White arrested for failure to appear in court
  60. Trent Richardson underwent shoulder surgery
  61. According to a report Jim Harbaugh was nearly traded from 49ers to Browns
  62. NFL may impose 15 yard penalties for racial slurs on the field
  63. Luck favors bringing Jonathan Martin to Indy
  64. Colts express an interest in Eric Decker
  65. Bills, Giants to meet in the Hall of Fame Game August 3rd
  66. Sharper a serial rapist?
  67. Jonathan Kraft: Wes Welker's agent had unrealistic expectations
  68. Colts sign free agent inside LB D'Qwell Jackson
  69. Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism
  70. Lions owner William Clay Ford Sr has died
  71. Colts sign free agent DE Arthur Jones
  72. Irsay in jail for suspected drunken driving
  73. Receivers 2014
  74. Spikes, Talib say Patriots file false injury reports
  75. Houston Texans to trade Matt Schaub to the Oakland Raiders
  76. NY Jets release Mark Sanchez and sign Michael Vick
  77. Falcons WR Roddy White tries to get out of March Madness season tickets bet
  78. Bucs WR Mike Williams stabbed in thigh by brother
  79. Brian Billick out at FOX
  80. Bills owner Ralph Wilson has died
  81. Tom Brady recalls witnessing a fire in his Boston neighborhood
  82. Oakland Raiders expected to sign Maurice Jones Drew to deal
  83. Philadelphia Eagles release DeSean Jackson
  84. 49ers Chris Culliver arrested for hit and run, possessing brass knuckles
  85. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Colts move to Indianapolis
  86. Richard Sherman wrote a column about DeSean Jackson and the media coverage over it
  87. Former NFL QB Trent Green joins CBS Sports as NFL game analyst
  88. Legendary NFL TV director Sandy Grossman dies
  89. Draft Day (the movie)
  90. Detroit Lions to host Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving
  91. Reggie ahead of schedule!!
  92. Cops investigate Colin Kaepernick and 2 other NFL players over suspicious incident.
  93. Shawne Merriman joins WWE
  94. 49ers Aldon Smith detained at LAX for yelling "bomb"
  95. Chad Johnson signs with CFL team Montreal Alouettes