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  1. Peyton throwing @ Duke's Field (VIDEO)
  2. Mathis to accept deal by end of the day or he will be franchise tagged
  3. Colts and Mathis agree to long-term deal
  4. Mort says we are parting ways with Peyton
  5. Colts and Manning to part ways
  6. Freeney possibly out too???
  7. Peyton Manning press conference :(
  8. Poor Andrew Luck???
  9. Did Chris Mortenson say plate????
  10. Peyton Manning Tipping News: Heís Generous At Angus Barn (BC.com) w/ photo
  11. Let's talk pick #34
  12. Colts sunshine thought of the day!!!!
  13. Peyton Manning - Thanks for the memories...
  14. What's the word on Jeff Saturday
  15. Reach in 2012 or wait until 2013
  16. Colts field calls to trade Freeney
  17. Jake is Back..
  18. Peyton Manning meets Friday with...Broncos?
  19. Addai, Brackett, Clark, Bullit GONE!
  20. Brandon Jacobs Cut
  21. Don't worry, the Colts will win 15 games...
  22. Report: Redskins trade THREE #1s and a #2 for RGIII
  23. Jets sign Sanchez to a 5 year extension!
  24. Peyton won't be a Jet
  25. I see that people took exception....
  26. Peyton likely to sign with Broncos or Cardinals
  27. Randy Moss to sign with the 49ers
  28. Who do you think we will target in FA?
  29. Luck's first commercial
  30. 2012 free agency thread
  31. Redskins sign Garcon
  32. Peyton to Denver
  33. Reggie Wayne staying in Indy 3 year deal
  34. Reggie Wayne staying in Indy 3 year deal
  35. Colts trade for RT Winston Justice
  36. Colts sign free agent DE Cory Redding
  37. Would the last Polian to leave, please turn out the lights
  38. A TITAN for Life? No * Way
  39. Colts sign Zbikowski
  40. Peyton to the Broncos....
  41. Addai, Clark to follow Manning to Denver?
  42. Colts sign free agent C Samson Satele
  43. HAMMERTIME! (BountyGate)
  44. Tim Tebow traded to Jets for 4th round pick
  45. Andre Carter on gregg williams and bounties
  46. Andrew Luck's arm strength??
  47. Luck vs. RG3
  48. Satan and Jesus Discuss Peyton Manning
  49. New Backup QB
  50. Saturday to play Sundays in Green Bay...
  51. This season is gonna be super weird...
  52. Colts sign free agent WR Donnie Avery
  53. Grigson: Freeney staying in Indy
  54. 3 Compensatory picks for the Colts
  55. How Peyton made his decision
  56. Giants to host the Cowboys on September 5
  57. "Dear The Cleveland Browns"
  58. ESPN: Nike sues Reebok over Tim Tebow
  59. New WR in the Mix for the 2nd round pick
  60. I haven't seen this addressed
  61. All turnovers to be reviewed (and other rules changes)
  62. Colts season ticket renewals drop below 90 percent
  63. Colts optimal draft plan
  64. Ryan Leaf busted on burglary, theft and drug charges
  65. Phillip Wheeler signs with Raiders
  66. The Lakers meet their 105 year old fan
  67. Uniform Change
  68. School schedule could complicate start of Luck's pro career
  69. Per Adam Schefter via Twitter: Detroit Lions' Nick Fairley and Mikel Leshoure Arrested for Drug Possesion
  70. This deserves its own thread.. COLTS FINALLY SIGN A NT
  71. Colts to face Redskins in preseason
  72. Before final game, Gregg Williams urged Saints to injure*49ers
  73. Irsay comments on Luck's workout..
  74. Greg Williams bounty audio.
  75. ESPN: When Do We Draw the Line on NFL Violence? (Simmons)
  76. Yahoo Sports: Warren Sapp files for bankruptcy
  77. Could Colts Trade Back Into the First?
  78. Manning called Indy reporters to say thanks
  79. Jabar Gaffney's Twitter Meltdown
  80. Fox Alabama: Trent Richardson grants Hueytown senior's prom wish
  81. Colts cut White
  82. Moore is sold on Luck
  83. Eli Manning to host SNL May 5th
  84. Lee Evans will land with the Jaguars
  85. NFL.com: New York Giants owner John Mara envisions end to kickoffs
  86. Schedule is finally here
  87. Colts inform Luck he'll be No. 1 pick
  88. Curtis Painter to the Ravens
  89. Andrew Luck to appear on Letterman April 26th
  90. More Bad news for the Saints.. Spy Gate II
  91. Marvin Harrison to announce Colts 2nd round draft pick!
  92. Luck is being sued.
  93. Mock Draft 5.0 Request
  94. State of the Offensive Line (pre-draft)
  95. State of the Offensive Skill Positions (pre-draft)
  96. State of the Defensive Secondary (pre-draft)
  97. State of the Defensive Front 7 (pre-draft)
  98. I don't expect any of the folks wearing rose colored glasses to believe me, but....
  99. 2012 NFL Draft Discussion Thread
  100. Round 2 Mock ESPN Insider request
  101. Fleener
  102. Grade for the new GM so far?
  103. Redskins draft kirk cousins
  104. Reggie Wayne is a true leader..
  105. 2012 Offseason thread.
  106. Chris Polian back in the NFL
  107. NFL.com on the Colts Draft
  108. Bob Kravitz gets punked by fake Schefter twitter account
  109. NFL bans four Saints: VILMA for year
  110. WaPo: Buccaneers sign Eric LeGrand, Rutgers DT paralyzed in 2010
  111. Breaking: Police Respond To Junior Seau's Oceanside Home (COMFIRMED: RIP Seau)
  112. Terrell Suggs tears Achilles (out for year?)
  113. Joseph Addai signs with Patriots
  114. Sports radio this week in Washington D.C.
  115. NFL 2012 Forecast by USA Today
  116. Colts trade for veteran CB Cassius Vaughn.
  117. NFLPA files collusion suit vs. NFL
  118. Wide left Wide Left!!
  119. Rumor: Colts trying to trade for Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins
  120. OT: One afternoon in Dick's Sporting Goods...
  121. Dolphins to appear on Hard Knocks
  122. ESPN Dallas: IFL team releases Terrell Owens
  123. ESPN: Rick Reilly: The Redemption of Brian Banks
  124. PFT: Report: Saints kept ledger detailing $1,000 payments for cart-offs
  125. Justin Blackmon busted for an aggravated DUI
  126. NFL.com: NFL begins to hire, train replacement officials
  127. Chad Ochocinco released by the Patriots
  128. CBS: Cowboys fullback Lawrence Vickers yanked from practice with fire ants in his pants
  129. Ben Roethlisberger is going to be a father
  130. NY Giants David Diehl busted for DWI
  131. Luck hits field to rave reviews
  132. How many wins do you predict for the Colts in 2012-13
  133. Bears CB Charles Tillman does not approve of Pro Packers Math
  134. Colts sign Mewelde Moore
  135. CBS Sports: Report: Colts, Andrew Luck hung up on contract over marketing opportunities
  136. Washingtonian.com: Redskinsí Fred Davisís Legal Mess: Harassment Suit, Restraining Order
  137. Guest MMQB: Coby Fleener talks Rookie Symposium, going to camp
  138. Some QB That I Used To Know - Peyton Manning
  139. SC: Chad Ochocinco invites grieving widow to his 7/4 wedding
  140. Colts will black out if not sold out.
  141. Cincy Bengals single ticket presale code (REQUEST)
  142. NEW BANG CARTOON (McNabb, Saints, Jaguars parody)
  143. Colts sign Luck
  144. Manning calls movie victims in hospital
  145. Edge going into the Ring of Honor
  146. Donald Brown is going to have a huge season this year
  147. Reggie Wayne "...reporting for duty"
  148. Thoughts from training camp
  149. Titans player dead in suicide
  150. Jerry Jones sticks his foot in his mouth (not the "Glory Hole" comment either) - per NFL.com, Jerruh looking forward to "beating the Giants' ***" this season
  151. John Clayton visited Colts camp
  152. ESPN.com: Sources: Jonathan Vilma offered deal
  153. Hughes?
  154. Manning thread
  155. Chad Johnson arrested for Domestic Violence
  156. Preseason Week 1: Rams @ Colts
  157. Packers sign Cedric Benson
  158. Jags cut Lee Evans
  159. Jerraud Powers will be a top 10 corner in the NFL
  160. Do the Colts always wear white at home?
  161. How many games will Colts win?
  162. What position should the Colts draft?
  163. Tebow's birthday
  164. Pre Season Week 2: Colts @ Steelers
  165. Justin Hunter, DaRick Rogers, marcus lattimors
  166. Collie had another concussion, officially
  167. Luck, He's Getting An Insane Amount Of Praise
  168. Rams trade CB Josh Gordy to the Colts
  169. Luck vs Griffin - let it begin.
  170. Josh Gordy vs Justin King
  171. Another Colts Trade - Could be big - Irsay Tweet
  172. Potential Waiver Additions (ESPN Insider - need help with this)
  173. Ravens fans may have been exposed to rabies
  174. D.J. Johnson vs Justin King
  175. Colts-Skins Post Game
  176. who do you think the Colts are trying to trade for?
  177. Ravens cut Billy Cundiff
  178. Vontae Davis to Colts for 2nd Round Pick
  179. Pagano says Brandon McKinney is probably done for the year.
  180. Colts Cuts
  181. Vontae Davis vs Jerraud Powers
  182. Luck ahead of the rest of offense
  183. Dolphins' players not happy about the Davis trade
  184. NFL to use replacement refs week 1
  185. Rule Changes
  186. 1 Ticket to Preseason Game 4 vs Bengals.
  187. OT- nfl survivor league
  188. DIRECTVíS NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to PS3, Launches in September
  189. Colts Cuts 8/31/12 (waiver claims in post #24)
  190. NFL Sunday Ticket Rant
  191. Peyton in NY times article-a good read
  192. Picking Luck in fantasy football
  193. ESPN: The Bottom of the Barrel
  194. Third grader told Peyton Manning jersey has gang ties
  195. NFL starts TONIGHT... Wednesday on NBC
  196. Replay Every NFL Game this Season. Don't Miss a Minute.‏
  197. Colts-Bears
  198. Andrew Luck jersey sales leading NFL (Dick's Sporting Goods)
  199. New Orleans Saints Bounty Suspensions OVERTURNED!!
  200. Aaron Rodgers could end up in a Niners Uniform on Monday
  201. Non-Colts thread
  202. How did Vontae Davis play vs the Bears?
  203. Colts sign FA OG Trai Essex and Tampa PS OT Bradley Sowell
  204. Broncos/Manning 2012-2013 Season Thread
  205. Is Trai Essex a starter for the Colts?
  206. NFL Game Rewind free trial through 9/17
  207. Vikings - Colts
  208. Colts defensive position grades
  209. If Collie is back, who do you start? Collie or Donnie Avery?
  210. Jags-Colts
  211. Luck so far
  212. Steve Sabol of NFL Films has died
  213. Michael Turner busted for a DUI
  214. Should Vick Ballard start?
  215. Should Vick Ballard start?
  216. Random thought: Reggie Bush and Ricky Williams
  217. When will Joe Reitz be back?
  218. Does Vick Ballard have the potential to be a solid NFL starting running back?
  219. Colts Fan Danny Webber to enjoy final game
  220. Will Josh Chapman start when he returns?
  221. Who do you think the offensive and defensive players of the game will be?
  222. Ravens WR Torrey Smith's brother dies in motorcycle crash
  223. Ref'ing thread
  224. Play calling
  225. Play calling
  226. Possible free agent targets for the Colts next year?
  227. Collie's status is CURRENTLY unknown but the Colts have signed a WR
  228. Colts bye week
  229. Colts sign CB Darius Butler, release OL Trai Essex
  230. Agreement in principle reached with refs- may be back on the field Sunday!
  231. Vontae Davis has a sprained foot
  232. Fantasy advice
  233. Start TY Hilton or Donnie Avery?
  234. Ben Ijalana - lifting weights and re-habbing
  235. Colts vs Packers predictions
  236. Anthony Gonzalez goes to Stanford Business School
  237. Vontae Davis and Justin King probably won't play vs GB
  238. Chuck Pagano diagnosed with "serious illness" will miss at least several games
  239. Packers-Colts Thread
  240. Colts Packers game sold out.
  241. What are the chances Avery is a Colts next year?
  242. Vontae Davis and Pat Angerer out for Packers game
  243. Andrew Luck mad Ol'blue look like an idiot
  244. Colts release Justin King, Cassius Vaughn likely to take over as nickel back
  245. Reggie is on pace to break the season receptions and yards record
  246. Ton of Colts roster moves today.
  247. Brian Cushing out for season with Torn ACL
  248. So confused on this whole bounty thing!
  249. Donald Brown, Robert Mathis Out 2-3 Weeks
  250. From a Packer fan