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  1. Colts Sign Kerry Collins
  2. Delete Me
  3. #30 for the Colts is horrible right now
  4. Giants/Jets game moved to Monday and will air on NFL Network
  5. Titans sign Kevin Curtis
  6. Arian Foster reaggravates hamstring injury
  7. The Biggest Loser to have an NFL themed episode September 20th
  8. Preseason Cutdown Thread
  9. The rate my fantasy team thread
  10. Colts Activate Manning
  11. Schefter (Twitter): Vick and Eagles agree to 6 year, $100 mil deal
  12. Belichick to star in a two-part documentary on his life
  13. Jeremy Shockey saves choking teammate's life
  14. Official Colts prize giveaway
  15. Game Comments
  16. Sweet deals on tattoos and cars await Colts players (Tressel hired)
  17. Interesting Michael Vick Article
  18. Tommie Harris cut by Colts
  19. A few thoughts from a worried fan
  20. Colts claim Dallas fullback Chris Gronkowski
  21. JMV is tweeting Peyton needs a 2nd neck procedure
  22. What would the Colts do if...
  23. Jake Query: Peyton's out for the year
  24. I'm not selling on Kerry Collins yet
  25. I just hope...
  26. Colts@Texans Game/Post-Game
  27. around the NFL 2011-2012 season
  28. New to the forum
  29. Bills WR Michael Easley out for season with heart ailment
  30. Clint Sessions only played 6 plays week 1
  31. Guess the Score: Cleveland at Indianapolis - 9/18/11
  32. Texans' Danieal Manning not fined for hit on Pierre Garcon
  33. Browns' airplane stuck in the mud delayed flight for 3.5 hours
  34. Manning went to Europe for stem cell therapy prior to neck surgery
  35. Colts vs. Browns
  36. Mike Kafka
  37. Jeff George says he could pick up the Colts offense in a matter of days
  38. Vince Young has an impersonator
  39. Bengals WR Jerome Simpson target of drug investigation
  40. Peyton Manning Returns
  41. Marcus Pollard to appear on "The Amazing Race"
  42. Guess the Score: Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - 9/25/11
  43. Ex-Saint Steve Gleason diagnosed with ALS
  44. Steelers@Colts Game/Post-Game
  45. Manning done for the year.
  46. Brackett, Bullitt IR'ed
  47. Bob Sanders' body betrays him again
  48. Curtis Painter to start against the Bucs
  49. Dungy thinks Manning could retire after a year
  50. Your favorite Colt of the Manning era so far (other than Manning)
  51. Guess the Score: Indianapolis at Tampa Bay - 10/3/11
  52. This years Superbowl Halftime performer
  53. Colts@Bucs Game/Post-Game
  54. Andrew Luck Thread
  55. The Star is reporting Manning will move to the sidelines...
  56. Al Davis has passed away
  57. Guess the Score: Kansas City at Indianapolis - 10/9/11
  58. Chiefs @ Colts Game/Post-Game
  59. KC @ Indy Game/Postgame
  60. First coach out the door
  61. Bengals/Colts game blacked out in Cincinnati
  62. Tomlin gets testy with Jacksonville media
  63. Painter the starter the rest of the way
  64. Rumor: Bill Cowher to the Jags
  65. Colts Tom Zupancic resigns unexpectedly
  66. Colts @ Bengals Game/Post-Game
  67. Looks like the "Fire Jim Caldwell" movement may have a backer
  68. Carson Palmer traded to Raiders
  69. Former Bills Center Kent Hull has died
  70. I may be Superbowl bound
  71. Caldwell says the Colts aren't motivated by revenge against the Saints
  72. Paul Kuharsky criticizes the Polians
  73. NFL HGH testing
  74. For all the bad crap that has happened this year...
  75. Dungy: Colts should draft Luck even if it means trading him
  76. Marty Schottenheimer wins his first pro title in UFL: Dominic Rhodes League's offensive MVP
  77. Sproles could be too hot for Colts
  78. Colts/Saints Game/Postgame
  79. 'SUCKY BOWL' winless but no luck
  80. 'SUCKY BOWL' winless but no Luck
  81. Collins done for the season
  82. SI Article about the Colts freefall
  83. According to Charlie Casserly on NFL Today on CBS Caldwell will be back in 2012 and they'll draft Luck if they can
  84. Colts injury list
  85. Colts @ Titans Game/Post-Game
  86. Pats WR Julian Edelman arrested for nightclub incident
  87. The Saints/Colts game was visited by UFO's
  88. Manning: Recovery "going slow"
  89. Harrison to be added to ring of honor this month?
  90. Serious question is Bama's defense better than the Colts or Pats D?
  91. Kravitz takes aim at Chris Polian
  92. IndyStar getting critical this week? Special Teams questioned
  93. ESPN: Manning would leave Colts "Peacefully" if they drafted Andrew Luck
  94. Falcons @ Colts Game/Post-Game
  95. Herm Edwards: Draft Luck, trade Manning
  96. Did you know...
  97. Pats game flexed from national TV
  98. Jim Caldwell used to work at Penn State could he be implicated?
  99. Boy who battled cancer meets Peyton Manning
  100. Jeff Saturday called for team meeting.
  101. Bill Polian compliments work Caldwell has done with winless Colts
  102. 81 year old woman finds Drunk Chargers fan on her couch
  103. Jags @ Colts Game/Post-Game
  104. Polian: Manning will be back with the Colts in 2012
  105. Manning vs. Luck - What would you do?
  106. Matt Schaub has significant foot injury; Leinart to start vs Jax
  107. Matt Cassel probably done for the season
  108. Irsay: Ticket prices will stay the same next season
  109. Dungy believes Colts might draft Luck and trade him
  110. Goodell: Flex Scheduling could see earlier start
  111. Lions/Saints to be on SNF December 4th
  112. Broncos waive Kyle Orton
  113. Kravitz: Irsay, Time to Remove Polian(s)
  114. incorrect Polian statement about Harrison
  115. Colts Punter Pat McAfee Cuts Ponytail To Raise Money For Kids With Cancer
  116. It is a story like this that makes me appreciate Coach Dungy even more
  117. Panthers @ Colts Game/Post-Game
  118. Report: Better than 50% chance that Manning retires
  119. Marvin Harrison Ring of Honor ceremony
  120. TV Station picks Bears over Colts
  121. Jaguars fire Del Rio
  122. Larry Coyer removed
  123. Dan Orlovsky to start at QB for Colts vs Pats
  124. peyton has a press conference tomorrow
  125. Great Saturday article in Boston Globe
  126. Report: Chargers set to fire Norv Turner at the end of the season.
  127. Suh crashes car in Portland(not injured)
  128. NFL suspensions for substance abuse policy
  129. Game Thread
  130. ProFootballTalk: Archie Manning doubts that Peyton and Andrew Luck want to be teammates
  131. NBC, CBS fighting over Pats/Broncos game
  132. "There is a growing schism between Manning and the front office"
  133. Archie Manning: Peyton and Luck CAN Co-exist
  134. Colts @ Ravens Game/Post-Game
  135. Tebow
  136. Dolphins and Chiefs coaches both fired
  137. ESPN: Peyton Manning is Throwing the Football Again
  138. Report: Caldwell will be fired if the team finishes 0-16
  139. Grantland: The Possible Destinations for One Peyton Manning
  140. CBS Chicago: Bears WR arrested on drug charges; Supplied drugs to other NFL players in the "double digits"
  141. colts/titans game
  142. NFL Draft Watch: The Race for Luck
  143. Former Colt Ben Utecht battling memory loss
  144. Kravitz on Peyton Not Playing This Season/Polian
  145. Reggie Wayne: This could be my last game in Indianapolis
  146. Houston /Indy
  147. What does the win streak tell us?
  148. Is it just a coincidence...
  149. Win-3 for RG-3!
  150. Is there any good reason for Caldwell to play the starters against Jax?
  151. Charlie Batch to start vs Rams
  152. So...who should the Colts take with the #2 pick?
  153. Cowboys/Giants flexed to SNF on January 1
  154. Dan Orlovsky welcomes triplets
  155. Would the Jags "lay down" Sunday?
  156. Florio says Caldwell likely to be fired Monday!
  157. I Guess Bill Simmons Doesn't Read This Forum:
  158. Imagine this scenario
  159. 1-1-12 Colts @ Jaguars Game Thread
  160. So...who should the Colts take with the #1 pick?
  161. arrrgh
  162. Pukes @ Giants
  163. Rumor: Caldwell has been fired
  164. The Black Monday Thread
  165. The Head Coaches Thread
  166. The Head Coaches Thread
  167. Breaking News: The Polians have been fired
  169. Luck showing tonight why he's the #1 pick
  170. Luck's run out for Indy football/Jason Whitlock
  171. Playoffs?, PLAYOFFS? Yes... your playoff predictions here
  172. Trade both Manning and the #1 pick?
  173. Trade Manning & Draft Luck
  174. Call Your Shot! - Next head coach (if Caldwell is let go)
  175. New G.M. Thread
  176. Polian Regrets Not Having a Backup (QB) Plan for Colts
  177. Irsay's tweets in the last hour...
  178. Bill O'Brien leaving the Pats for Penn State
  179. Colts interviewing guys from ATL/PHL for GM job
  180. Colts plan to draft Luck, sources say
  181. Saints-Lions
  182. Why were kickoffs changed this season?
  183. Wrong Year?
  184. Ryan Grigson of the Eagles is emerging as the favorite for Colts GM
  185. Jaguars to make Mike Mularkey next head coach
  186. Shefter: Colts to hire Grigson as GM
  187. 2012 NFL Draft
  188. Jeff Fisher: "Rams are best fit for me"
  189. Saints @ 49ers
  190. Patriots Vs Tebow
  191. Instant replay
  192. The fix is in! NFL wants a Packers vs Patriots Superbowl
  193. Divisional Championship Round Talk/Predictions
  194. Todd Haley thinks that he was bugged by the Chiefs FO
  195. Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh kiss after game?
  196. Dez detained after a fight in a Miami nightclub.
  197. "The Indianapolis Colts Release Jim Caldwell "
  198. Who should be the Colts next head coach?
  199. twitter rumor: Peyton to announce retirement
  200. Jeff Saturday considering retiring
  201. Terrell Owens to play in Indoor Football League
  202. Report: Colts release defensive line coach John Teerlinck
  203. The Taiwanese Animation have a video on the demise of the Colts
  204. Irsay says he'll use 1st pick on QB, regardless of PM's status
  205. And the first Colts FA signing of 2012 is....
  206. Source: Dolphins to hire Joe Philbin
  207. Jim Tressel getting 2nd interview
  208. AFC Championship Game Thread
  209. Chip Kelly close to becoming the new Bucs coach
  210. So happy for the city of Indianapolis!
  211. Did Anyone Attend the Super Bowl Teammates event at Lucas on Sat?
  212. Forget Tressell, Colts to Interview Ravens DC
  213. Good Kravitz column about Manning
  214. Tracking Irsay's Flights
  215. Colts Reportedly hire Chuck Pagano as Head Coach
  216. Jim Irsay not happy with Peyton's comments
  217. Del Rio to be the Defensive Coordinator of the Broncos
  218. Who will join Pagano in Indy?
  219. Bruce Arians new OC
  220. La Canfora Says Colts Will Release Manning Before Combine
  221. Reports: Keith Butler new Colts DC
  222. Rumor: Manning has quietly asked for release, and colts will grant his request - IncarceratedBob
  223. Baltimore Ravens to hire Jim Caldwell
  224. Manning jerseys on sale
  225. Kravitz: Talks to execs that have moved other high profile players
  226. Manning cleared to resume career
  227. Irsay says Peyton NOT cleared
  228. Pats cut Tiquan Underwood on eve of Super Bowl
  229. If Peyton REALLY Wants To Stay In Indy.....
  230. Super Bowl Thread
  231. I think the Colts need to trade the number 1 pick
  232. Freeing up the cash!
  233. Kravitz says Peyton's arm a "noodle"
  234. Bill Polian PTI interview
  235. Tommie Harris's wife passed away
  236. Bradying
  238. FoxSports: Randy Moss plans to make NFL comeback
  239. Irsay on Peyton 2/14/2012
  240. As Colts near deadline on Manning, more troublesome details emerge
  241. Irsay: Talking regularly with Manning about staying with team.
  242. ManningtoMiami.com
  243. Andrew Luck Colts jerseys on eBay
  244. Garcon reportedly turns down 5 year/35 mil contract
  245. The NFL Season starts September 5
  246. Polian to join ESPN as analyst
  247. Steelers to release Hines Ward
  248. Hypothetical: Brees for #1
  249. Transitioning to a 3-4... Are we really so unqualified?
  250. Saints violated NFL's "Bounty Rule"