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  1. Raptors hire Stefanski as executive VP (AP) [Y! Sports]
  2. Erving denies auction tied to lawsuit (AP) [Y! Sports]
  3. Top stars to play in Puerto Rico event (AP) [Y! Sports]
  4. Beasley: Agent gave me improper benefits (AP) [Y! Sports]
  5. Meruelo: I have resources to buy Hawks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  6. Kardashian wants divorce from Humphries (AP) [Y! Sports]
  7. NBA fines Heat owner Arison for tweets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  8. Fisher denies union rift in letter (AP) [Y! Sports]
  9. Blazers F Aldridge to host charity game (AP) [Y! Sports]
  10. Durant, James to meet in flag football? (AP) [Y! Sports]
  11. NBA woes keep Jordan from Presidents Cup (AP) [Y! Sports]
  12. Oliver Miller pleads guilty to assault (AP) [Y! Sports]
  13. Ex-Blazers C Boumtje-Boumtje retires (AP) [Y! Sports]
  14. NBA asks judge to clear union stalemate (AP) [Y! Sports]
  15. Shaq sues ex-IT worker over sold emails (AP) [Y! Sports]
  16. Spoelstra shadows school principal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  17. Locked out players find home on campus (AP) [Y! Sports]
  18. Van Gundy to broadcast college games (AP) [Y! Sports]
  19. Wade looks for edge with lab tests (AP) [Y! Sports]
  20. Charity game canceled amid 'uncertainty' (AP) [Y! Sports]
  21. Aldridge hosts charity game in Portland (AP) [Y! Sports]
  22. Johnson still beating HIV 20 years later (AP) [Y! Sports]
  23. Yao attending university in Shanghai (AP) [Y! Sports]
  24. Karl continuing fight against cancer (AP) [Y! Sports]
  25. Gay, James play high-scoring exhibition (AP) [Y! Sports]
  26. Hall of Famer Macauley dies at 83 (AP) [Y! Sports]
  27. Magic says Stern isn't racist (AP) [Y! Sports]
  28. Durant likely to play Lucas charity game (AP) [Y! Sports]
  29. Ex-C Bradley's large custom bike stolen (AP) [Y! Sports]
  30. Magic's Howard hosts exhibition game (AP) [Y! Sports]
  31. Tough legal fight ahead for players (AP) [Y! Sports]
  32. Judge dismisses lawsuit vs. Iverson (AP) [Y! Sports]
  33. Kings assistants: Smart, Bobby Jackson (AP) [Y! Sports]
  34. Ex-Duke stars watch Coach K's record win (AP) [Y! Sports]
  35. Mobley sues Knicks over retirement (AP) [Y! Sports]
  36. Ex-Lakers 1st-rounder Hazzard dies at 69 (AP) [Y! Sports]
  37. NBA stars to play in Obama fundraiser (AP) [Y! Sports]
  38. Rubio may consider Barcelona return (AP) [Y! Sports]
  39. Rondo leads group at charity game (AP) [Y! Sports]
  40. Blazers G Mills to play in China (AP) [Y! Sports]
  41. Randolph, Scola take part in exhibition (AP) [Y! Sports]
  42. Rubio participates in charity game (AP) [Y! Sports]
  43. NBA stars to lead 4-game Homecoming Tour (AP) [Y! Sports]
  44. Man accused of taking swing at Rondo (AP) [Y! Sports]
  45. Ceballos hospitalized after heart attack (AP) [Y! Sports]
  46. Lakers F Odom in talks with Besiktas (AP) [Y! Sports]
  47. Trail Blazers to resume search for GM (AP) [Y! Sports]
  48. Players happy as labor deal draws near (AP) [Y! Sports]
  49. Heat ready to start shopping (AP) [Y! Sports]
  50. Charity game featuring James canceled (AP) [Y! Sports]
  51. NBA players ask judge for stay (AP) [Y! Sports]
  52. NBA players get stay in antitrust suit (AP) [Y! Sports]
  53. James happy NBA set to return soon (AP) [Y! Sports]
  54. Teams can host player workouts Thursday (AP) [Y! Sports]
  55. Pistons pick Singler to play in Spain (AP) [Y! Sports]
  56. Nets GM King denies Howard trade rumors (AP) [Y! Sports]
  57. 76ers set to return after busy offseason (AP) [Y! Sports]
  58. Warriors' Jackson visits 49ers' Harbaugh (AP) [Y! Sports]
  59. Nuggets want to re-sign Nene, Afflalo (AP) [Y! Sports]
  60. Thunder to report to new practice site (AP) [Y! Sports]
  61. Terry first back on Mavs' practice court (AP) [Y! Sports]
  62. Bird: Pacers looking to add pieces (AP) [Y! Sports]
  63. Ainge: Celtics not trying to deal Rondo (AP) [Y! Sports]
  64. Paul: Focus on Hornets, not trade talk (AP) [Y! Sports]
  65. Bulls interested in Caron Butler (AP) [Y! Sports]
  66. Owners open doors to facilities (AP) [Y! Sports]
  67. Magic know Howard's future a hot topic (AP) [Y! Sports]
  68. Nash: 'Very important' Suns re-sign Hill (AP) [Y! Sports]
  69. Pacers can't deal with Rush's tweets yet (AP) [Y! Sports]
  70. Warriors hoping to improve roster (AP) [Y! Sports]
  71. Heat to play Christmas opener in Dallas (AP) [Y! Sports]
  72. Jazz coach Corbin eager to get going (AP) [Y! Sports]
  73. Spurs coach Popovich mum on roster (AP) [Y! Sports]
  74. Lakers' Fisher happy to be back playing (AP) [Y! Sports]
  75. Slimmer Love happy with Wolves' future (AP) [Y! Sports]
  76. Nets F Outlaw has broken right hand (AP) [Y! Sports]
  77. Griffin: Clips' youth could be advantage (AP) [Y! Sports]
  78. Pistons hire Catanella for analytics (AP) [Y! Sports]
  79. Blazers expect Roy to be ready for camp (AP) [Y! Sports]
  80. Blazers expect Roy to be ready for camp (AP) [Y! Sports]
  81. Knicks' Fields, Shumpert look to fit in (AP) [Y! Sports]
  82. Bulls to meet Pacers to open preseason (AP) [Y! Sports]
  83. Injured Miller feels 'secure' in Miami (AP) [Y! Sports]
  84. Magic CEO Vander Weide stepping down (AP) [Y! Sports]
  85. Antoine Walker gets 5 years' probation (AP) [Y! Sports]
  86. Porter, Sikma among 4 Wolves assistants (AP) [Y! Sports]
  87. Blazers promote Greer, add Dickau (AP) [Y! Sports]
  88. Relieved Rubio arrives in Minnesota (AP) [Y! Sports]
  89. Thunder prepare for start of camp (AP) [Y! Sports]
  90. Jazz refuse to use term rebuilding (AP) [Y! Sports]
  91. McGrady likely to sign with Hawks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  92. Lakers owner Buss hospitalized (AP) [Y! Sports]
  93. Battier says he'll sign deal with Heat (AP) [Y! Sports]
  94. Pistons set to re-sign Prince, Jerebko (AP) [Y! Sports]
  95. Nowitzki wonders who teammates will be (AP) [Y! Sports]
  96. Carlesimo, Elie named Nets assistants (AP) [Y! Sports]
  97. Caron Butler leaving Mavs to join Clips (AP) [Y! Sports]
  98. Lakers have deal in place to get G Paul (AP) [Y! Sports]
  99. Celtics to acquire G Dooling from Bucks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  100. PG Robinson won't attend Thunder camp (AP) [Y! Sports]
  101. Rogers buys Leafs, Raptors for $1.3B (AP) [Y! Sports]
  102. Rogers buys Leafs, Raptors for $1.3B (AP) [Y! Sports]
  103. Cavaliers undecided on keeping G Davis (AP) [Y! Sports]
  104. Criticism of NBA nixing Paul trade heavy (AP) [Y! Sports]
  105. Suns re-sign F Hill to $6.5M, 1-yr. deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  106. Cops: Al Jefferson bitten by girlfriend (AP) [Y! Sports]
  107. Odom skips Lakers camp, Gasol appears (AP) [Y! Sports]
  108. Magic use amnesty clause to waive Arenas (AP) [Y! Sports]
  109. Grizzlies look to build on last season (AP) [Y! Sports]
  110. Paul at Hornets camp after trade denied (AP) [Y! Sports]
  111. Suns cut F Carter, re-sign F Hill (AP) [Y! Sports]
  112. Cavaliers sign top pick Irving, Thompson (AP) [Y! Sports]
  113. Pistons parting ways with G Hamilton (AP) [Y! Sports]
  114. Mavs eyeing repeat despite key absences (AP) [Y! Sports]
  115. Knicks on verge of signing C Chandler (AP) [Y! Sports]
  116. Blazers F Aldridge has heart procedure (AP) [Y! Sports]
  117. Hawks sign veteran F Radmanovic (AP) [Y! Sports]
  118. Howard can talk with Lakers, Mavs, Nets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  119. Knicks acquire Chandler, waive Billups (AP) [Y! Sports]
  120. Raptors sign G Rasual Butler (AP) [Y! Sports]
  121. Paul at Hornets camp despite trade talk (AP) [Y! Sports]
  122. Battier, Curry join Heat for practice (AP) [Y! Sports]
  123. Gasol hoping to stay with Lakers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  124. Bulls appear to be waiting on Hamilton (AP) [Y! Sports]
  125. Grizzlies sign Gs Selby, Pargo (AP) [Y! Sports]
  126. Lakers on verge of trading Odom to Mavs? (AP) [Y! Sports]
  127. Revamped Knicks sign G Bibby, F Jeffries (AP) [Y! Sports]
  128. Blazers sign Thomas, NBA's oldest player (AP) [Y! Sports]
  129. David West, Pacers agree to 2-yrs., $20M (AP) [Y! Sports]
  130. Bulls GM Forman mum on Howard, Hamilton (AP) [Y! Sports]
  131. Warriors sign C Jordan to offer sheet (AP) [Y! Sports]
  132. Suns re-sign Hill for 1 year, $6.5M (AP) [Y! Sports]
  133. Prokhorov to run for Russian presidency (AP) [Y! Sports]
  134. Wolves sign No. 2 overall pick Williams (AP) [Y! Sports]
  135. Cavs' Davis seeks second opinion on back (AP) [Y! Sports]
  136. Raptors add G Anthony Carter (AP) [Y! Sports]
  137. Cavs' Davis seeks second opinion on back (AP) [Y! Sports]
  138. Bulls re-sign veteran F Scalabrine (AP) [Y! Sports]
  139. NBA institutes new concussion policy (AP) [Y! Sports]
  140. Lakers still looking to make deals (AP) [Y! Sports]
  141. Clippers say no to latest Paul proposal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  142. Magic, Celts finish Bass for Davis swap (AP) [Y! Sports]
  143. Pistons buy out G Hamilton for $11M (AP) [Y! Sports]
  144. Clippers match offer sheet for C Jordan (AP) [Y! Sports]
  145. Wolves closing in on deal with PG Barea (AP) [Y! Sports]
  146. Mavericks sign Carter as expected (AP) [Y! Sports]
  147. Warriors, C Brown agree on 1 year, $7M (AP) [Y! Sports]
  148. Bucks match offer sheet on Mbah a Moute (AP) [Y! Sports]
  149. Jazz meeting with free agent Josh Howard (AP) [Y! Sports]
  150. Paul talk still swirling around Clippers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  151. Lakers sign Green, lose injured Caracter (AP) [Y! Sports]
  152. Westbrook not worried about contract (AP) [Y! Sports]
  153. Magic press on amid Howard saga (AP) [Y! Sports]
  154. Mavs deal Fernandez, Brewer to Nuggets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  155. Hornets excuse Paul from media event (AP) [Y! Sports]
  156. Durant works on post-up game with Rambis (AP) [Y! Sports]
  157. Jordan: New CBA helps, opposed Paul deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  158. Lakers sign F McRoberts to 2-year deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  159. Bulls, Hamilton close on 3-year deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  160. Nene re-signs with Nuggets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  161. Magic: Howard saga may last all season (AP) [Y! Sports]
  162. Cavaliers waive veteran PG Davis (AP) [Y! Sports]
  163. Singler prefers extra year in Spain (AP) [Y! Sports]
  164. Bobcats ink Reggie Williams for 2 years (AP) [Y! Sports]
  165. Pacers' Collison happy over West arrival (AP) [Y! Sports]
  166. Fired security director Glover suing NBA (AP) [Y! Sports]
  167. Out of NBA since '08, Wells joins Wolves (AP) [Y! Sports]
  168. G Crawford to sign with Trail Blazers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  169. Morey won't talk about nixed 3-team deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  170. Howard says trade request still stands (AP) [Y! Sports]
  171. Clippers welcome Paul to LA (AP) [Y! Sports]
  172. Rookie PG Cole shines in Heat scrimmage (AP) [Y! Sports]
  173. Abnormality in Kings F Hayes' heart test (AP) [Y! Sports]
  174. Pacers F Hansbrough back to reserve role (AP) [Y! Sports]
  175. Bobcats F Najera to miss 6-8 weeks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  176. Bulls waive G Bogans (AP) [Y! Sports]
  177. Hornets add 7-footer Jason Smith (AP) [Y! Sports]
  178. Wife of Lakers' Bryant files for divorce (AP) [Y! Sports]
  179. Wizards re-sign swingman Evans (AP) [Y! Sports]
  180. Rose, Deng help lift Bulls past Pacers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  181. Williams scores 19, 76ers hammer Wizards (AP) [Y! Sports]
  182. Cavs top pick Irving scores 21 in debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  183. With Paul gone, Jack's 24 lift Hornets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  184. Pistons re-sign Stuckey for 3 yrs., $25M (AP) [Y! Sports]
  185. Heart issue ends Celts F Green's season (AP) [Y! Sports]
  186. Fans cheer Howard at Magic practice (AP) [Y! Sports]
  187. Anthony lifts Knicks as Chandler debuts (AP) [Y! Sports]
  188. With Paul gone, Jack's 24 lift Hornets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  189. Paul set for first Clippers practice (AP) [Y! Sports]
  190. Kings claim ex-Nets F Outlaw off waivers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  191. Rubio wows crowd in Timberwolves debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  192. Pacers to deal G Rush to Warriors (AP) [Y! Sports]
  193. Knicks to sign PG Davis (AP) [Y! Sports]
  194. Heat end Magic's 22-game preseason run (AP) [Y! Sports]
  195. Odom scores 14 in Mavericks debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  196. Young re-signs with Wizards for 1 year (AP) [Y! Sports]
  197. Nuggets, Afflalo agree to 5-year deal (AP) [Y! Sports]
  198. Bobcats' Walker scores 18 in debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  199. Allen says he's not selling Blazers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  200. McDyess set to retire after 17 seasons (AP) [Y! Sports]
  201. Paul, Billups shine in Clippers debuts (AP) [Y! Sports]
  202. Grizzlies F Arthur out for season (AP) [Y! Sports]
  203. Seeking depth at PG, Hawks sign Pargo (AP) [Y! Sports]
  204. Paul's Clippers debut sets ratings mark (AP) [Y! Sports]
  205. Grizzlies tender offer to Cunningham (AP) [Y! Sports]
  206. Report: Bulls' Rose gets $94M extension (AP) [Y! Sports]
  207. Hamilton has 13 points in Bulls debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  208. Warriors G Curry sprains ankle (AP) [Y! Sports]
  209. Bulls' Rose gets 5-year, $94M extension (AP) [Y! Sports]
  210. New-look Mavs ready for title defense (AP) [Y! Sports]
  211. Rockets sign former UConn star F Adrien (AP) [Y! Sports]
  212. Warriors' Ellis sued for explicit texts (AP) [Y! Sports]
  213. Kobe tears ligament in wrist, day-to-day (AP) [Y! Sports]
  214. Blazers C Camby tweaks knee, to have MRI (AP) [Y! Sports]
  215. Down 14 at half, Magic rally to top Heat (AP) [Y! Sports]
  216. Anthony's 21 and 8 lift Knicks by Nets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  217. Mexican C-F Ayon set to join Hornets (AP) [Y! Sports]
  218. Rockets agree to terms with C Dalembert (AP) [Y! Sports]
  219. Gordon, Kaman lead Hornets in debuts (AP) [Y! Sports]
  220. Clippers notch preseason sweep of Lakers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  221. Nets C Lopez to miss couple of months (AP) [Y! Sports]
  222. Quirks galore in compressed schedule (AP) [Y! Sports]
  223. Arison cast 'protest vote' against CBA (AP) [Y! Sports]
  224. Cavs waive former starting G Harris (AP) [Y! Sports]
  225. Jazz trade C Okur to Nets for draft pick (AP) [Y! Sports]
  226. Wade, James: Friendship even stronger (AP) [Y! Sports]
  227. Violence mars release of new Air Jordans (AP) [Y! Sports]
  228. NBA trims Bynum, Villanueva suspensions (AP) [Y! Sports]
  229. Heel may sideline Pierce for opener (AP) [Y! Sports]
  230. Bobcats waive Ely, Griffin, Summers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  231. Heat waive veteran G House (AP) [Y! Sports]
  232. Season finally set to tip on Christmas (AP) [Y! Sports]
  233. Hornets acquire Vasquez from Memphis (AP) [Y! Sports]
  234. Injured Pierce to miss opener vs. Knicks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  235. Raptors trying 'Pound the Rock' motto (AP) [Y! Sports]
  236. Mavs raise banner before facing Heat (AP) [Y! Sports]
  237. Anthony lifts Knicks by Celts in opener (AP) [Y! Sports]
  238. Kobe leads Lakers against Rose's Bulls (AP) [Y! Sports]
  239. Paul set to make Clippers debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  240. Stern booed by fans in Dallas (AP) [Y! Sports]
  241. Knicks G Shumpert to miss 2-4 weeks (AP) [Y! Sports]
  242. Odom tossed from first game with Mavs (AP) [Y! Sports]
  243. Heat roll past Mavs in finals rematch (AP) [Y! Sports]
  244. Rose shot caps Bulls rally, stuns Lakers (AP) [Y! Sports]
  245. Mullin back at Warriors game as TV voice (AP) [Y! Sports]
  246. Thunder top Magic behind Durant's 30 (AP) [Y! Sports]
  247. Paul leads Clippers to win in debut (AP) [Y! Sports]
  248. Christmas games draw big TV ratings (AP) [Y! Sports]
  249. Bobcats' Thomas, Bucks' Mbah a Moute out (AP) [Y! Sports]
  250. Raptors spoil Irving's shaky Cavs debut (AP) [Y! Sports]