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  1. I'll miss you all.....
  2. There are times when I'm only somewhat satisfied with life but I'm generally content!
  3. I'm reasonably satisfied with hating life!!
  4. ****, I forgot about last night
  5. My job is hard, and unrewarding...
  6. A Christmas Story....
  7. some quotes to make you feel smarter
  8. Hey gus, I usually don't do this but...
  9. Coming to Indiana next month
  10. PD Members - Age Check...
  11. Sportsmanship
  12. I'm Off To The Sunny Lands
  13. Short Rib Grillin' with Ev_eezy
  14. A holiday light show!!!!!
  15. What did you get for Christmas?
  16. New Year's Resolutions
  17. How do you put pictures in your Sig line?
  18. Side rant from the Dallas game
  19. [misleading title deleted]
  21. What's your avatar query?
  22. Play Samaki!
  24. The greatest number "7" ever (OTL inspired)
  25. Stupid thing that bothers me...
  26. random question
  27. Happy Birthday cramerica
  28. The greatest player #21 ever
  29. A question from vapacersfan....
  30. Got An Idea: We Should Do Role Playing!?!
  31. New Years resolutions!
  32. How is your life?
  33. Happy New Year!!!! [none of b'ball content in tha thread]
  34. Rumors from ClubLakers.com (Turns out to be more made up crap)
  35. Official suggestive comic book pictures thread...LMAO
  36. Make sure you write down phone numbers..
  37. Does Anyone Live in Evansville
  38. For Peck
  39. How about this kind of "throne"
  40. Do you sing Roxanne in the shower?
  41. 3M Security Glass
  42. This is going to hurt
  43. Its Finally Over (I'm sure) "100.0% Chance Naptown Seth never sets foot on PD again."
  44. You know, Peck...
  45. Will Walsh bring in a good player for Artest
  46. ESPNEWS: Naptown Seth found banned
  47. Hi guys
  48. Decidedly NOT The Official PD 2006 NFL Playoffs Prediction Thread
  49. Dont you hate those akward "get togethers"
  50. The best Artest trade no one has considered
  52. The "What Have you Eaten Today?" Thread
  53. Just because Btown hates it
  54. Happy Birthday: Skaut_Ech and Frank Slade !!
  55. Best thread ever!
  56. Fallout from the "Questionable Officiating" thread
  57. just prop me up in front of the TV
  58. More Fake Crap
  59. Why is it when you're at the car wash,
  60. Quirky food habits/preferences
  61. Will you...?
  62. P.F. Chang's
  63. Brave or foolish?
  65. Whining
  66. Murphy is garbage
  67. re: Laker thread shut down
  68. A Useful Website!!
  69. Angry? Don't Shoot People
  71. Create your own avatar!
  73. Should btown get a statue?
  74. I just want one normal female friend
  75. College Sucks
  76. The freakin' thread!
  77. and to think...ben wallace only got 5 games...
  78. Here's An Idea: Proofread Before You Publish!
  79. Need a Favour - Indiana Resident
  80. #10,000!
  81. UGGGHHH!!!!
  82. Can you raed tihs?
  83. Dig now, DIE later!
  84. Do you write thank you notes for Christmas presents
  85. Is Anyone Else Just So Damn Confused Right Now?
  86. Things are looking UP!!!
  87. How does the average PD member look like?
  88. Fake Ron-isms
  89. Boneless Girl
  90. Anybody want?
  91. Paying for college
  92. The Limerick Thread
  93. Spanish translation?
  94. Should I keep the Mr. T/Chuck Norris stuff in my sig?
  95. Most Despised Food
  96. lol - Worst Analogies Ever Written
  97. Pictures of NBA wives/girlfriends
  98. How big is your ignore list??
  99. LOL at the big sale at Conseco
  100. NZPacers needs your help......
  101. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgh!
  102. IndyStar goofs!
  103. The :kickcan: thread.
  104. Question about Irish Cream from a non drinker
  105. Question Thread
  106. drunken birds on the rampage
  107. Happy Birthday, Btown!
  108. Brokeback<------- to the Future
  110. reinstalling my hard drive
  111. Userbar Users...
  112. I just want to say...
  113. Hell is...
  114. Too bad it didn't work out....
  115. Jessica Alba...
  116. What's your favorite food?
  117. The worst day of my life
  118. Ok, so another crazy story from VAPACERSFAN:
  119. I > Chuck Norris
  120. Ever have one of those days!
  121. Ugh
  122. Submit your own Chuck Norris/Mr. T quotes!
  123. 1st grader suspended for sexual harassment
  124. Kobe didn't score 81
  125. A rant from VA
  126. Funny video for u who played CS!
  127. Indy fails to make top 25 but Detroit in Top 10
  128. Another computer question
  129. Need some tech support....
  130. One of the very best sportswriters in America is a woman
  131. Michael Jackson in a dress.
  132. How...... unceremonious.
  133. Moving past the Microwave, At least once (I need help)
  134. My first rant, and for good reason! [involves racism?]
  135. Going to grad school?
  136. The Toilet Seat Problem: A Game Theoretic Approach
  137. Anyone Here Satisfied With Their Current Job?
  138. I need to lose weight.
  139. Lavar's TBird on ebay
  140. It's snowing
  141. Has anyone here ever worked for the Secret Service...
  142. Just got back from the pink panther
  143. Clyde Drexler, upset. *Funny, but involves cursing*
  144. Midlife Crisis
  145. Mouse Maze Game
  146. Happy Valentines Day!
  147. OT: Whatcha get your sweetie?
  148. What is your workout regimen?
  149. Dick Cheany & Bob Knight go hunting...
  150. The Ultimate Showdown!
  151. Paris Hilton commercial - TO HOT FOR TV
  152. Googling to find Pacers Digest.
  153. Nutrition Question: lunch
  154. Spike TV -- Joe's vs Pro's -- It's on TONIGHT!
  155. Natural muscle enhancers
  156. The animated .gif thread
  157. As Long As Were Talkin Health...
  158. Need help from Bloomingtonites
  159. Daytona 500
  160. Dolphins actually stupid?
  161. Help!!! Must find out a song name
  162. Women are crazy
  163. If you like doing puzzles.
  164. Our 2006 Runway Debut (Rated PG - work viewers beware)
  165. Try This
  166. FSU Cowgirls hit Maxim
  167. Man kills roomate over toilet paper
  168. anybody have experience with Napster to Go?
  169. Anybody know Access Database?
  170. I may be switching jobs in a few months...
  171. VA needs help....
  172. A MUST READ: Wrestling With Life After Death (ESPN.com)
  173. How do I become an apprentice?
  174. Our time has come, Run out into the streets to celebrate !
  175. Rasko on a Rant!
  176. wacky street names
  177. I love women
  178. Figures...
  179. Wow, crazy morning so far
  180. Sarunas getting married
  181. TIMID
  182. BTOWN AND SHADE BEWARE: contents not suitable for health concious
  183. Happy B-Day! Mourning (30), Oceanwalker2kx (26), Ara (15)
  185. Winter
  186. Has anyone stayed at the Sybaris?
  187. IT WASNT ME
  188. TIVO question
  189. Funny Pick-Up Lines
  191. Confused Thread
  193. I AM A CRIMINAL?!?!
  194. AK-47 has one free night a year
  195. Lent
  196. Bappy Hirthday!
  197. What does the Average PD members' Shoes look like?
  198. who has better looking gf/wife???
  199. We, Liths, still haven't introduced ourselves...
  200. Nothing says goodbye quite like this....
  202. Happy Birthday Kaufdizzle!
  203. Need help!
  204. my first thread
  205. Free Ringtones
  206. Not posting much right now
  207. Stephen ****in Anthony ****in Idiot Jackson Johnson ****ing!!!!!!!
  208. Why does this happen!
  209. A public service announcement from VA
  210. Who am I?
  211. How many PD members does it take to fix a lightbulb?
  212. Check out Cedar Point's new ride!
  213. What TV Show Did You Last Watch
  214. Sad news
  215. I was scammed, at Wal-Mart of all places
  216. The Gods have smiled....
  217. hilarious Car Commercial
  218. So, you want to know how to feel stupid....
  219. Did anybody get the "false positive" with McAfee?
  220. Allen Ray's eye!
  221. Ever thought of living outside the United States?
  222. Hybrid Vehicle Question
  223. Woot!
  224. Beer is coming out of the water tap!
  225. OT: Comcast
  226. BSU Intermural Officals
  227. What's your poison?
  228. Artest has leadership skills
  229. I dont know what I want........
  230. Artest is the best! is a banned.
  231. Who is Diana?
  232. Superhero Cologne
  233. Some cool pics (56k warning)
  234. Happy Spring!
  235. I just don't understand this 72 virgins thing
  236. People who should retire
  237. OT: Hey Guys
  238. College Sucks II
  239. who's the pacemate in the 'pacemate galleries' pic on the official site?
  240. where were the hot blonde bipolar nympho teachers when I was in school
  241. I Gotta Pee!!!
  242. selling the mobile home park for 500 million bucks
  243. Who is funnier?
  244. Where the #$%& are my glasses??
  245. Video: Kenny Smith & JO at JO's Crib
  246. Going to China
  247. Check out J.O's crib!
  248. Cleaning Discs
  249. Does anyone on here know anything about xhtml coding?
  250. A reminder!