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  1. East Coast Earthquake
  2. Hurricane Irene Check-in Thread
  3. Terre Haute
  4. Official Madden 12 Thread
  5. CODEC Help
  6. Hey Star Wars fans, guess what George Lucas did... AGAIN
  7. New additions to NBA 2k12
  8. racism on pd
  9. Best product ever?
  10. Spider-Man is in Poland!
  11. Black Man in Italy?
  12. Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team - NYTimes.com
  13. HP Touchpad
  14. Just got offered a trade in my fantasy football league.
  15. Advice: Selling DVD or BD on eBay?
  16. Has this ever happened to you in NBA 2k11?
  17. The Review Thread
  19. What's your favorite drink when playing video games...
  20. What's your favorite food when playing video games...
  21. Netflix rebranding (and a new name)
  22. Looking to buy a beer helmet or hat
  23. From the DNR today...New rules for 2012
  24. Gears of War 3 related!!! (Beware)
  25. Very impressive accomplishment
  26. What are your Phobias/Pet peeves
  27. Alright, ST:TNG fans: You buying this?
  28. Indianapolis Bids for Olympics!
  29. Google Plus?
  30. Apple to launch iPhone 5 today? Update: Steve Jobs has passed away
  31. My Gears 3 Case Mod
  32. Video Gamer's warped view of reality
  33. Geekboy inme hyperventilating..Avengers trailer!!
  34. Darren Collison jersey for sale
  35. Official Battefield 3 Thread
  36. funny
  37. Website Question
  38. Streaming videos from a computer to a TV
  39. Question about wedding rings
  40. Rock and Roll Info site.
  41. Gaddafi reportedly killed
  42. NEVER use USPS Priority Mail!!
  43. Guess what today at 6:00 pm was supposed to be...
  44. Derrick Rose- Passenger in DUI Arrest
  45. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron- %100 awesome
  46. Have you ever thrown away something or trashed something that later tuned out to be valuable?
  47. Those involved in the NBA lockout should take a cue from Bon Jovi
  48. South America
  49. Stock market question
  50. Andy Rooney has passed away
  51. Any Jeff Dunham fans here?
  52. Repeater Question
  53. Entrance tune
  54. Sonos Wireless Audio Systems
  55. Xbox 360 Help
  56. Lockout Hobbies Thread
  57. Anyone have any experience with Pulte Homes??
  58. Tyler Hansbrough Autographed Sports Illustrated For Sale
  59. The Black Friday ads are out...
  60. Local Indiana rapper music video
  61. Killer gunman opens fire at nightclub where NFL/NBA players were
  62. Hey all I'm having brain surgery on Tuesday
  63. The Skyrim thread....
  64. Blogs
  65. Water on TV
  66. Cable/Satellite question
  67. Television Recommendations
  68. Android Phones Have Hidden Spyware
  69. Land in DeSoto Mo
  70. Pharmacy Gave Me Wrong Pills, Trip To Emergency Room
  71. Digital Camera
  72. PacersCenter.com
  73. Found something unusual in my cheesecake...
  74. Anyone own an LCD computer monitor?
  75. Guns and Roses concert
  76. Ultimate Day of Irony
  77. NBA 2k12 patch!!!!!!!!!!!
  78. I'm Done!
  79. NBA 2K12 Custom Pacers Covers
  80. The Dark Knight Rises theatrical trailer has been released!
  81. Wow. NBA 2K12 Strategy
  82. The Picture Thread
  83. First trailer for The Hobbit!
  84. What is wrong with this TV?
  85. Finals
  86. Snoop calls Pau Gasol a punk *****
  87. Has anyone seen the star wars cello wars?
  88. A Christmas Story
  89. will be in nyc for a week, any recommendations?
  90. iphone app question
  91. PD's Biggest Loser 2012
  92. How to make a poster
  93. (More) computer issues...
  94. A new emoticon is needed
  95. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Bobcats @ Pacers 01.07.12
  96. Wanna help me spec a new computer?
  97. heywoode's Pacemate photos thread-01.14.12 Celtics @Pacers
  98. Computer Printer... Looking for suggestions
  99. What are the 3 teams you hate most?
  100. heywoode's Pacemate photos thread-01.11.12 Hawks @ Pacers
  101. Cruise Ship Accident
  102. Who knew a book about copyright could be so fascinating?
  103. School can't call team Cougars because it offends some women
  104. Australian doctor wants to ban baseball cap, claims it contributes to skin cancer
  105. Anyone Experienced in Getting a Novel Published?
  106. Silver Alert - Bloomington area - Janary 23 2012
  107. Super Bowl Village - Zipline and other
  108. Any NHL fans here?
  109. Goodwill finds?
  110. Checking in...
  111. NBA Cards?
  112. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Jazz @ Pacers 02.07.12
  113. My friends adopted and they need HELP
  114. Buying a New Phone Tomorrow
  115. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Magic @ Pacers 01.24.12
  116. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Nets @ Pacers-RETRO NIGHT 01.31.12
  117. How does Gamebattles NBA2k12 work?
  118. Perhaps this would liven up local news
  119. Whitney Houston Dead
  120. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Nuggets @ Pacers 02.11.12
  121. HOUSE MD cancelled
  122. laptop rant
  123. OT: Vegas odds on Jeremy Lin / Kim Kardashian date
  124. Geezer Jr. Nearly a Victim of ID theft
  125. Im looking to buy a used SUV
  126. What do you think of this?
  127. A VERY tough YouTube question nobody on here can answer
  128. Accepting a USAF commission...
  129. Pacers Tickets for sale
  130. Davy Jones (the Monkees) dead
  131. Hlep me think of a Pacers vanity license plate
  132. How do you put someone on ignore?
  133. President Obama on the BS Report
  134. heywoode's Pacemate photos-Heat @ Pacers 02.14.12
  135. Could use some cheering up right now...
  136. Buying old video games and action figures...
  137. Ipad
  138. Which one of you guys is gonna come in second?
  139. Torture via Journey
  140. Don't Know What To Do?
  141. Mass Effect 3 spoiler discussion
  142. March Madness Bracket Challenge Info
  143. Upcoming Pacers Autograph Signings
  144. Bolton Midfielder Fabrice Muamba Collapses on Field, Fighting For Life
  145. BBC: Vibrating tattoo alerts patent filed by Nokia in US
  146. Hunger Games?
  147. Sony Joins Samsung With a One Price HDTV Strategy
  148. where can I find this jersey?
  149. Internship Help
  150. Dont pump gas on April 15th
  151. Mega Millions Lotto Jackpot: $500 MILLION (Drawing on 3/30/2012) (2, 4, 23, 38, 46 MB:23)
  152. Anchorman 2 is Happening
  153. Pizza express!
  154. Whats the best steak in Indy?
  155. Jacksonville.com: While you were sleeping: Father wakes to find intruder in daughter's bedroom
  156. Yahoo: Dog eats manís Masters tickets right before he leaves for Augusta
  157. Ditching Cable/Satellite?
  158. TGIGF
  159. Warrior Dash / Tough Mudder
  160. Navy Jet Crashes in Virginia Beach
  161. Tomorrow Is My First Day Back to Work
  162. Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes has died
  163. Medora (Documentary) on Medora, IN
  164. Fox: Pizza Hut introduces hot dog stuffed crust pizza in the U.K.
  165. Happy Friday the 13th
  166. Interesting read about original film ideas in Hollywood
  167. Trailer - The Lion King Rises
  168. MetroUK: Ultimate Tazer Ball allows players to zap opponents with stun guns
  169. Lingerie Football League goes on hiatus for 2012 season
  170. The Cabin in the Woods discussion (Spoilers, duh!)
  171. How To Trick An Entire Mall Into Thinking Youíre Famous, Even If Youíre A Nobody
  172. Adding natural gas to an electric home...
  173. Do you play basketball?
  174. Beer
  175. Dick Clark has passed away
  176. IU student needs quick fix on her computer
  177. What laptop do you use/recommend?
  178. Paranormal
  179. evil tom cruise
  180. MARRIED :)
  181. Didn't know where to post this.. But..
  182. So, Washington and Washington, D.C.
  183. The Government Is Forcing Me To Get Direct Deposit
  184. Is Anyone Out There Who Works At A Bank or Mortgage Company, I Need Advice
  185. Anyone know someone who's hiring?
  186. Know anyone that wants to run the mini?? (2 Tix for sale)
  187. Going to Casino Aztar for the 1st Time
  188. What are MX files and how to get them to run
  189. ESPN: Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees jailed
  190. RIP Beastie Boy Adam Yauch
  191. Was watching some youtube videos on old game shows like 21 and press your luck when I came across this from coach Shaw
  192. Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus
  193. AZC: Phoenix school balks over having to face girl in Arizona title game
  194. Movies.com: George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors
  195. MSN/MSNBC: Ivy League school janitor graduates with honors
  196. Mirror: Zombie gran: 95-year-old Chinese woman terrifies neighbours by climbing out of her coffin six days after she 'died
  197. ZDNET: Why Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is a schmuck
  198. Batman does the weather
  199. Where can I buy an Indiana state flag by tomorrow?
  200. MoT: Photo: An entire class of high school students receive IV drips while cramming for exams
  201. Man buys out store and donates everything to charity
  202. OCR: Woman burned after picking up rocks at beach
  203. I present to you: Krispy Kreme
  204. Caught Cheating With Sexy Girl Prank
  205. The Anime/Manga thread...
  206. Happy Memorial Day
  207. Looking for followers and friends
  208. LOTR: War in the North Thread
  209. What is the world coming to?
  210. Going to Las Vegas, any suggestions?
  211. Hawaii - Travel tips?
  212. Nike Commercial
  213. MAXIM: Maxim Interrogates the Makers and Stars of The Wire
  214. heywoode's Season End Pacemates photo thread-photos from Game 6 05.24.2012
  215. Gas or Charcoal?
  216. ps3/tv audio trouble.
  217. For those who like Documentaries....Here is one for you..
  218. CNN: From scrubbing floors to Ivy League: Homeless student to go to dream college
  219. Airline miles
  220. Pet Parade June 16 9a-11a @ AndersonSpeedway. Supports local shelters
  221. Burn in Hell AT&T U-Verse
  222. New Verizon Wireless plans.
  223. What are you doing Marvel??
  224. Anybody use Slingbox?
  225. Whats the go kart place in Muncie called?
  226. My Vegas trip report
  227. DM: Woman becomes 'pregnant' with 12 baby squid after eating calamari
  228. RIP Rodney King
  229. WWE No Way Out
  230. Samsung Galaxy S3
  231. Summer Pun Challenge
  232. New Jersey woman sues Little Leaguer
  234. What is the best way to record video on your Xbox??
  235. Storm in VA/DC/MD
  236. RIP Andy Griffith
  237. My iPhone Wallpapers
  238. Days of the Dead convention???
  239. Rossen Reports: Are air-conditioning repairers being competent and honest? (TODAY SHOW 7-10-12)
  241. Banned from Target
  242. Have you guys seen this commercial?
  243. Woman sues Justin Bieber, says concert harmed her hearing
  244. 'should of'
  245. Does anyone know a good aggressive realtor that works in the Anderson area?
  246. Pacers Back Pack for Kids??
  247. HP: Jonah Falcon, Man With World's Largest Penis, Frisked By TSA At California Airport
  248. Weather question: when did Indiana become Texas
  249. Immortality (near IU campus)
  250. Massive shooting at Dark Night premiere in Colorado